In Sub-Saharan Africa, 57% of the population lack access to electricity. In Nigeria alone, over 100 million people are un-electrified, mostly living in peri-urban and rural areas. In contrast, mobile networks is today the predominant infrastructure, with over 85% of the population living within mobile coverage.

That’s over 70 million people with access to GSM coverage but without access to electricity! In addition to completely off-grid communities, there is also a significant number of people who have only intermittent access to electricity. As a result, over 80% of Nigerians revert to diesel generators as a secondary source of power.

Be it to purchase candles and kerosen in rural area or diesel in peri-urban most people devote a substantial amount of ther income on an energy that is unsafe, expensive and unreliable.
With our packaged mini-utility solutions, coupling Off-Grid mini-grid and innovative mobile payment systems GreenElec is finally bringing an environmentally friendly and practical solution to bridge the gap in access to energy in Nigeria.


With such a high mobile penetration and income already spent on energy, close to 70 millions off-grid Nigerian are ready for distributed clean energy services.

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